1. D

    Need Help on Diagnostic Worksheet

    I really need help on determining possible lesions that could have resulted in the following visual deficits: Patient 1: Lacks vision in the entire visual field of the right eye and has no pupillary reflex. Patient 2: Lacks vision in the upper and lower temporal field of the left eye and...
  2. babytomato

    What are your tests like in dental school?

    I'm curious as to how the tests are like in dental school. Are they on paper/electronic/multiple choice/free response...? Are there more hw assignments than tests?
  3. jogevp

    A Radical Change: Studying in Pharmacy School

    Hey! I wanted to start a thread about how I'm planning to revamp my approach to studying so that I can be the best I can and learn as much as possible, not just scrape by. I would love to hear from others on what has worked for you or what you would have done differently looking back. So far I...
  4. D

    Info about class requirements/hw in DS?

    Hi Everyone, this is my 1st post here, so please be kind :) Thanks in advance for your responses! I've been following other threads and have come to understand that coursework in DS consists of attending lab/lectures and studying like crazy for frequent exams. BUT then I came across a post...