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    Too old to become a military doc?

    Hello everyone, I have been doing internet marketing, web design, and other gigs for the past ten years. However, I am very tired of working behind a PC all day. That is why I decided to go the PA or NP route. Over the past year of my clinical experience, I have come to love the health field so...
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    USUHS / HPSP Military Waver

    Does anyone have any experience with successfully completing a waver to be unconditionally accepted to USUHS based upon medical history? Serving in our nation's military as a medical doctor has been a dream of mine for years, but unfortunately my medical history is going to get in the way. I'm a...
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    Army Not Offering 3 Year HPSP 2016?

    Just started M1 I am really interested in applying for the 3 year Army HPSP program. However, I've talked to a couple of different recruiters who told me that they aren't offering any 3 year scholarships this year. Anyone else run into this? Should I simply contact a different recruiter until I...
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    Army HPSP School Orders Question (DO/MPH)

    Hey I'm interested in a dual degree DO/MPH program at my school. The MPH classes would be taken during the summers of M0 and M1. However, I am an Army HPSP student, and I'm wondering whether the MPH classes during the M1 summer would qualify as "school orders" in order to satisfy the ADT...
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    Deployment Question

    I am currently in the process of applying for the Army HPSP scholarship. I have spoken with my recruiter, and he has told me something that I think is not accurate. I've read on these forums that deployments during the active duty obligation can be sent anywhere and from 9-15 months at a time...