hpsp veterinary

  1. M

    Veterinary Officer vs Medical Officer

    Hi so I keep debating whether I want to go to veterinary school or medical school. Either way I know that I intend to apply for the HPSP for the Army. Eventually, I want to go into Preventive Medicine/Public Health. Which Army program (Vet or Med) has better residencies/programs/employment...
  2. TrueBlueHound

    Army Vet Corps HPSP 2016 Selected Applicants

    Just got my Board Select letter and packet of forms in the mail. I'd love to get in touch with other vet students who also got the scholarship this year. What's next for you guys?
  3. DVM_Dreaming


    Hello! I hadn't stumbled on a page specific for USAF HPSP for veterinary students yet- hoping to hear from any other applicants! The board review is approaching and decisions will be made. Anyone have any insight?