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    Program-Specific Info / Q's Huntington, Indiana Wesleyan, KU Med

    Hi! I'm looking for any input on the programs listed above. I've applied for all three, have an interview at one, and hope to receive invitations to interview at the other two. If you are in the program at one of these three schools and have any feedback whatsoever about the program, please let...
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    Program-Specific Info / Q's Indiana OTD Programs

    I have a couple interviews coming up and I was wondering if any of you all could provide me with some tips on what do expect during these interviews as well as where you all have accepted and why. Anything helps!
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    Program-Specific Info / Q's East Coast

    I am applying to mostly South East/Midwestern programs. I've seen a lot of people posting about programs past Texas and Nebraska (towards the West), what Eastern programs are y'all applying to? Im applying to: Murphy Deming College of Health Science - waitlisted 10/6 Belmont University -...
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    a weird case we saw yesterday

    sorry if im using the thread wrongly. yesterday we were doing our neurology rotations ,by the way im a 4th, anyway we came across a very interesting case : it was a female patient ,39 years of age , who was doing well until 2012 when she started to feel pain in her head ,now what is really...