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  1. peachtree <3

    IB Subject Help!

    Hi there, I'm in my 2nd year of high school and my IB subject selections are due soon. I really want to pursue medicine and possibly psychiatry, but I'm not sure if my subject choices are going to be appropriate. At the moment I am taking: HL Biology HL Chemistry HL Lang-Lit SL Maths AA SL...
  2. BlueSesameBun

    Unique Situation - IB Repeat Courses - HELP!!!

    I had IB coursework from high school brought over to my undergraduate institution, of which included credits for 3 of the core biology courses. I ended up taking these classes at my institution anyways because I believed not all medical schools would accept IB credits as suitable replacements...
  3. A

    IB Courses for Pre-med?

    Hello everyone! I'm a sophomore about to start the IB Diploma Program and I'm really conflicted on what courses to take. I want to pick the ones that will help me the most when applying to get into a pre-med program (possibly at UVA.) Currently the classes I am definitely taking are: English...
  4. A

    International Baccalaureate transfer credits

    Does anyone know if Dental schools that accept AP credits also accept IB credits from high-school. I have 30 transfer credits and 9 of them contribute to my prerequisites.
  5. Chanze3

    US/UK(/Australia) Pathways to Medicine and High School Courses

    Hey everyone, The very first thing I want to do is to sincerely apologize for the text wall... But I would really appreciate it if you would read everything I wrote. With all due respect, I know that your time is important. But if you could, please take the time to read everything. If you...