illinois resident

  1. F

    WAMC - Gap year, Class of 2026, Please Help!

    21 years old, female, senior, Illinois resident - taking a gap year and applying this summer! Schools I'm applying to: Illinois (in state), Missouri, Washington (any others that I have a good chance at??) Cumulative GPA: 3.7 Science GPA: 3.58 Last 45: 3.95 Any degrees achieved Animal...
  2. A

    URM male gpa 3.9, MCAT 505. school list help please!

    Hey guys, occasional lurker here. It's my first post! I really need your help with my school list. Below are some info that might help (it's a tad bit thorough lol)>> Thanks in advance! Btw S/O to all the OGs paying it forward, Y'all are the MVPs! • Year in school: Class of 2018, Psychology...
  3. pvpapaioann

    Chances for UIC, Rosalind Franklin, Loyola (Chicago)

    Hello all, I was curious at my chances at getting in this cycle to these three schools; here are my scores. Residence: IL cGPA: 3.91 sGPA: 3.92 MCAT: 506 (128, 123, 127, 128) Extracurriculars: Varsity sport (captain, academic all-American, all conference, etc.), Undergrad research (336...
  4. S

    4.0 GPA and 509 MCAT ... Are these schools reasonable?

    -I'm an Illinois resident -Took a gap year, full time CNA (Long-term care for profoundly disabled children) -The 4.0 is from a small/unimpressive state school -509 MCAT is skewed (127 Chem/Phys, 126 Bio, 126 CARS, 130 Psych) -B.A. in Bio and B.S in Psych -Minored in Chem and Neuroscience -2...