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    Implantable cardiac device in patient going for surgery

    hi I have a question. why any patient w/ CIED who is going for surgery we switch off the device ?? is it because we use diathermy and it will ruin the device? thank you
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    Any reviews or thoughts on these Implant Courses for GP?

    Hi, I'm a GP in DC region looking for a comprehensive implant course. So I did some search and they are very expensive and I didn't want to take any random courses with that kind of money. So far I've found 1. MaxiCourse by AAID specifically the one in Rutgers' Dental School in NJ (this was...
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    self-surgery, testicle prothesis removal

    This is the second forum I am attempting to post this in. For some ludicrous reason, the previous forums moderators deemed it unworthy. my insurance dosent cover explants, so I am going to cut my implant out. However can't be rejected emergency care, so after cutting it, I will admit myself to...