1. L

    Alginate impression problem

    Hello everyone I am a dental student and need a bit of advice in regards to alginate impressions. I am making a removable partial denture for a patient, and taking the first impression was fine. However when taking the secondary impression (final one), i ended up forgetting the impression in...
  2. 7amsho

    Selling Aquasil Ultra impression material

    Hello! So my school makes us buy so much extra materials each year and I have so much leftover Aquasil impression material. Please let me know if you're interested in buying any. - Aquasil Ultra XLV: Type 3 light-bodied consistency: count 4 - Aquasil Ultra LV: Type 3 light-bodied consistency...
  3. MrGoOrange

    How long does PVS impression last?

    Dental student here. I took a final PVS impression for a crown a couple weeks ago (!!!) and I was ready to send it out to the lab, but it turns out the patient's medicaid was put on hold earlier that week. It took a couple weeks before it to become active again, and then an extra week to...