in state tuition

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    Out of State Tuition

    What vet schools allow students to apply for in state residency after a year? I am looking for more vet schools to apply to and want to focus on those. Currently I plan on applying to NC State (my in state school) and Virginia-Maryland.
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    Excel List of 80 top ranked MD Medical Schools with GPA, MCAT, IS/OOS, Tuition and Fees, Scholarship

    Hey all. I truly appreciate those who take the time to help out other students on here. I'm applying this cycle and I've compiled a master Excel of the top 80 MD schools with GPA, MCAT, IS/OOS percentages, Financial info on a few, letter info on a few, and more. This info is from StartClass, a...
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    Post Bacc Pre med Decisions- UVM v Mills v UConn

    Hi everyone, After years of thinking about it, I decided this winter to apply to some post-bacc pre med programs in the interest of becoming a physician. I've received accepted to UVM, Mills College. I'm waiting on UConn, so who knows, but for the sake of this post I'm assuming I am in...