integrated 0+5 vascular surgery residency

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    ***2019-2020 Integrated Vascular surgery 0+5 Interview invite thread***

    Finally time to start this thread for app season! Format like before: Date offer received: Program name Thank you all!
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    Double - Board Residencies

    I've been having some trouble finding a comprehensive list on this topic, so I'm asking here. What are the residencies that offer double boarding (not double/triple board programs like fp/psych), actual residencies in a specialty, like child neuro, in which one is double boarded in neurology and...
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    Why did you choose vascular surgery?

    Hey friends! Congrats, if you recently matched Vascular Surgery! Open question for all including previously matched, why did you choose Vascular Surgery? What about it drew you towards the field? I'd like to hear your stories! I think this sharing would be beneficial for those still ambivalent...
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    Applying to Integrated (0+5) Vascular Surgery Residency

    *I am moving this from a vascular surgery interview thread to its own topic to make it easier to find for future applicants. **Also, I am sorry this got so long. I hope it is helpful. An Opinionated Guide on Applying to Integrated (0+5) Vascular Surgery Residency (Based on the 2016 Match) I...