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    Research on Scientific Integrity Initiatives in STEM

    Hello! We are a team of scholars at Carnegie Mellon University conducting research on scientific integrity initiatives in STEM fields. We are looking for medical students like you to complete a 5- to 10-minute survey about Clinical Trials Pre-Registrations. In exchange for your participation...
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    Need Input on how to Address some IAs

    So, I have a decently solid application but there is one big problem. I have 3 IAs. Things get interesting at #3. 1) for alcohol and fire safety in the dorms. That one is pretty annoying because the fire safety part was that my roommate had a hotplate that he refused to stop using. The alcohol...
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    PVS, Integrity, Endo Supplies For Sale

    Aquasil Ultra XLV (Orange) Expiration 2018-06 3 full boxes, $100 each. Each box contains 4 cartridges and 12 tips (unopened) 2 cartridges without tips, $20 each Aquasil Ultra Monophase (Purple) Expiration 2018-06 4 full boxes, $100 each. Each box contains 4 cartridges and 12 tips (unopened) 2...
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    MA/MS Seeking Hope

    I have spent the past 5 years processing and moving beyond personal and professional devastation due to harm caused by, what I strongly believe to be, an unfair determination made by the State Board of Examiners of Psychology. It would be very inaccurate for me to say I have been successful in...