international dental study

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    WhatsApp group to prep for NBDE I 2018

    International dentists willing to study along for NBDE part 1 to take it in 2018. Let's create a WhatsApp group!
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    NBDE prep course

    Hi! I'm an international dentist. I was wondering if anyone know any ONLINE prep course for NBDE part 1. I will appreciated any information. Thanks.
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    Nbde 1 study partners

    Hello everyone , I'm planning on taking the nbde part 1 by the end of march, I live in California (Orange County) and would appreciate any interested study partners ( female) . Thanks :)
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    Info Sites for Applicants

    Hey guys, For whoever needs a summary of how to get a DMD/DDS in the US check out this site.. though it seems to be in progress!! Also if everyone can post a list of useful sites that would be great!! www.internationalDMD.com thought it might help, all the best! :)
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    Funding ideas for international d-study

    Hi guys I hope everyone is doing well. Everyone knows how ridiculously competitive Canadian dental schools are so us Canadians are left going abroad to peruse our studies. Though this is a very great opportunity for us, the finance required is just outright frightening. So to those who have gone...