international rotation

  1. P

    MS4 PEDS away rotation vs international rotation advice

    Hiya! I am starting year 4, going into ped's, and have 2 away rotations booked for Aug and Sept. I also have the option of going to Mexico for a month in April. The idea would be to become more fluent in Spanish - however, I can save a lot of money ($2500) and take classes locally. I am curious...
  2. S

    Recommendations for specialty or department to rotate in Thailand Chiang Mai University

    I'm planning on doing a 4th yr international rotation at Chiang Mai University in Thailand. I will be there for a month. Wondering if anyone had any recommendations as to what department would be a great experience to rotate in? Departments: Anesthesiology, Community medicine, FM, IM, Ob/gyn...
  3. fngerscrossed

    Any US Students interested in a rotation in Scotland?

    I am a 4th year student in the US, with a 4 week rotation scheduled in Scotland from the end of April to May 2016. I was planning to travel with a classmate, who also has a rotation scheduled and most likely unable to go. I am wondering if anyone else would be interested in taking her spot...