1. RogueBanana


    Curious about a situation regarding a friend of mine: My pre-med friend is living with a housemate this semester who insists on streaming popular movies and shows on a......questionable... website. If the ISP agreement is in the housemate's name (IE the housemate pays for the...
  2. L domain name auction ending Oct 19

    the domain name is being auctioned on The auction ends Oct 19. Good luck!
  3. J

    Medical school and unreliable info on the web

    Hello, Bran new medical student here. I am curious to know how to discern whether the information that I find online regarding diseases, treatment and such is reliable. For instance, I need to find information on a given disease and of course my first step involves Google. However, I have been...
  4. donutzebra

    AmeriCorps NCCC - Internet Access

    I graduated from college this year and am planning to apply to medical school in the next cycle for matriculation in 2018. I was applying and interviewing for positions to take after I take the MCAT late August this year, and I recently got an invitation to serve with AmeriCorps NCCC...
  5. F

    Privacy or publicity?

    With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, linkedin, Snapchat, etc. I think many people can be googled or searched on multiple social media sites. But the big question is, should I publicize everything I do on the internet or should I keep everything private? I've researched around some forums and it...