1. T

    Please Evaluate Hospitalist Opportunity

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to get some thoughts from people on a hospitalist gig I was offered. It is just outside a large NE city. Here are the highlights: Half days, half night - 7 on/off, 12 hour shifts Half non-teaching days (census average 14-15, 1-2 admits per day), half teaching nights...
  2. B

    Lifestyle as a army internist?

    Can anyone comment on the lifestyle of being an general internist in the Army? Do you work only hospital or only clinic, or a mix? Do you have a choice on what you want to do in that regard, i.e. Just be an internist working outpatient 8-5 vs internist working 7 12's on, 7 off? Thanks for any...
  3. T

    Cold Calling for Shadowing

    Is cold calling a viable strategy for being able to shadow an internist? I don't have a doctor I know well near me, so I don't really have any connections that I can use to find someone to shadow. What other ways could I go about finding shadowing opportunities? Thanks for your help!
  4. Stevens_Solstice

    Internist? Nutrition Specialist?

    Hello my name is Steven. I plan on earning a B.S in biological sciences and then have my Masters in Biology as well. I want to become an Internist but I do want to specialize more in nutrition in my practice. Is that possible? No i don't want to be a nutritionist, I just feel that a healthy diet...
  5. Stevens_Solstice

    Jobs for B.S in Biology? Backup for plan

    Hello I'm planing on becoming an Internist, I'm apart of a program that covers for my tuition for College. Their requesting I have a backup plan If I don't make it in becoming an Internist. I'm not sure what jobs I can do with a B.S in Biology if there are any. Any suggestions is much...