1. EGlover6

    General Admissions & OTCAS Midwestern University IL Alternate List

    Hi Everyone, Anybody have updated status on Midwestern University OTD program? Did you get accepted, waitlisted, or denied? Also will or have you accepted your offer?
  2. P

    Interview roomies? Texas State and Univ of Memphis

    Hey there, I am interviewing at Texas State University on January 8th and will be in the area the 7th, 8th and 9th anyone going to be there and wanting to split a hotel room or air bnb? Also interview at the University of Memphis and will be there the night of the 10th for the interview on...
  3. D

    I am a dental re-applicant and I am worried...

    Thank you.
  4. S

    Interview with rejection chances?

    I’m kind of confused by how Western U’s class size is so small, but it seems like they give out quite a lot of interviews. Obviously I know acceptances are based off how interviews go... I’ve never read about anyone interviewing there and getting rejected so I’m just wondering what the chances...
  5. D


    So let's fast forward and I get multiple acceptances. How do I go about bargaining for more financial aid? Is that a smart thing to do? Any drawbacks from doing that?
  6. HNH96

    Need Advice - Go to interview or reapply to state school?

    Hey everyone! So to start off, when I applied to this cycle I applied to schools that I could see myself at because of my family, the familiarity, or because I loved the school. However, when I applied I was single and thinking just about my current situation. I had an interview at my state...
  7. S

    DAT GRADES-Chances of Admission

    Hello All, I just took my DAT today. Not very high grades but it is what it is. Ive already sent out my application to the colleges Ive listed below and they have all received it except my DAT Score which i took today. I will provide my application information below and please tell me if I...
  8. W

    How Do You Know Schools Will Fit For Me? // Chance Me Kinda

    Amidst the craziness of apps and anticipation for the interview / accepted season, I wanted to focus what I believe is a key aspect of the process: Designating the schools. Personally, I am struggling to determine which schools to send my applications. This post serves to answer the questions...
  9. R

    Sullivan university interview

    Hey everyone, I have my first interview with Sullivan university on 3/11/16, can anyone that has had an interview with Sullivan tell me what their interview questions are like? Also, is anyone else interviewing that day? Thank you!