interview reviews

  1. S

    PCSM Interview reviews

    Hi everyone. Wanted to see if anyone was interested in posting their thoughts on interviews they've been to, pros, cons, dislikes, or things they liked. Feel like it may be helpful for applicants during this cycle! Good luck, everyone!
  2. clozareal

    2016-2017 Psychiatry Interview Reviews

    It's the start of interview season! Use this thread to post your impressions of the programs as you go along so that you and others can benefit. Collective wisdom is more beneficial than you might think! Also, it is unhelpful to post your reviews afterwards (after the match, later in the...
  3. Rogue Penguin

    2015-2016 Interview Reviews

    I think it's about that time. I know some people have done interviews already. If enough people have the guts to post their reviews early, we can help each other prepare, etc. Here's the format that's been used previously: Program Name 1. Ease Of Communication: 2. Accommodation & Food: 3...