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    I/O Psychology Masters Degree to Clinical PhD

    I have a masters in I/O psychology, would it be possible for me to get into a clinical or counseling psychology phd program?
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    I/O Psychology

    Hey Everyone, I understand that there are very few (if any) I/O guys on this board, but I have some questions concerning the job: 1) Is it possible to work in industry as a consultant and maintain a position as a professor at my local university? I have always been interested in having a role...
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    PhD/PsyD Questions for a PhD in psychology ?

    I've decided I will pursue a PhD degree in either social psychology or I/O psychology. So, now that I've decided on a career, i'm a bit confused as to what sort of path I would take in order to obtain a PhD in psychology. My main questions right now are as follows: 1.) I am planning on attending...
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    I/O psychology career with clinical psych degree?

    I am a current Psy.D student (in clinical psych). I've recently become interested in Industrial/Organizational psychology, however. I was wondering if I could pursue a career in I/O psych with a doctoral degree in clinical psych. I am having difficulty finding info about this anywhere online...