iowa state university

  1. Falconette85

    Readmission to Vet School

    Hello everyone. I am a first year vet student that didn't pass anatomy by one point. The end result: dismissal from CVM. The faculty of CVM appeared to be supportive and offered to help me deal with this before I petition to be readmitted in fall 2020. In the mean time, I am required to take...
  2. D

    Master's Degree vs Post-Bac

    hello, I applied to dental school and got denied for fall 2019. My major is in biology and I have a minor in chemistry- I graduate from my undergrad in May. My gpa is 3.23 and science gpa is 2.74. I decided to apply to Duquense University Post Bacc program and Iowa State University Master in...
  3. T

    Minnesota Vs. Iowa State

    Hi! So I’ve been accepted to Iowa state and was waitlisted (oos #6) at University if Minnesota. I’m confident I will get pulled off the waitlist for Minnesota so I’m starting to look into both schools. I’m aware of the cost difference for the two schools and am aware that Minnesota is more...
  4. Falconette85

    Iowa State University c/o 2021!

    Hey there all you pre-vets c/o 2021 applicants! Who's getting anxious for the application process this summer/fall? Who has taken their GRE? That's on my to-do-list :-P