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  1. T

    Minnesota Vs. Iowa State

    Hi! So I’ve been accepted to Iowa state and was waitlisted (oos #6) at University if Minnesota. I’m confident I will get pulled off the waitlist for Minnesota so I’m starting to look into both schools. I’m aware of the cost difference for the two schools and am aware that Minnesota is more...
  2. C

    Iowa State vs. Illinois

    yay - so glad this sub-forum was made because I’m struggling! I can get in state tuition at both IL and Iowa State, so the cheapest school option doesn’t really help me here. I’m in state at IL and I’ll have been working for over a year in Iowa by the time of matriculation. I’ve seen both...
  3. Elkhart

    Iowa State c/o 2022 applicants

    Hey, all. I've seen quite a few people post elsewhere about possibly applying to ISU for the c/o 2022, but a separate thread hadn't been started yet, so I figured I'd do the honors! I'll be a second year vet student coming this fall, so I should be able to answer most questions about Ames, the...
  4. Ollivander

    Iowa State M.S. in Biomedical Sciences 2016-2017

    Hey guys. I just wanted to create a thread for all of the students who are thinking of applying, have already applied, or been accepted to the Non-Thesis M.S. in Biomedical Sciences at Iowa State University for the 2016-2017 academic year...
  5. Falconette85

    Iowa State University c/o 2021!

    Hey there all you pre-vets c/o 2021 applicants! Who's getting anxious for the application process this summer/fall? Who has taken their GRE? That's on my to-do-list :-P