1. B

    NECO vs. PUCO

    Hi everyone!! I have come to the point in the interview process where I have to choose where I wanna go. I think both of the schools have great programs and am wanting to hear other opinions. For all of those who have interviewed/been accepted/attended either of these schools, could you give...
  2. J

    Acceptance/ rejection letters

    Hi guys, I went to admission day at IUSO on 9/7 and they give you a 2 week timeline as to when they will tell you their decision. I was wondering if I should be expecting an email or a letter in the mail? They just told us to expect to hear from them in the next two weeks
  3. car guy doc


    Anyone hear from IU yet / know when the first admissions day is? If so maybe post your gpa and oat so we can see if they've only contacted super high stat applicants so far..
  4. oklahomasooner

    IUSO Admissions Day

    Does anyone who applies to Indiana University Optometry School get invited to an Admissions Day interview? Or do they first narrow it down then invite people to an interview? I'm just trying to figure out if I should feel special because I got invited to the IUSO Admissions Day, or does...