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    RVU MCOM vs RVU Utah vs WCUCOM

    Hi, I have received acceptances from RVU UTAH, RVU MCOM, and WCUCOM. Please help me with the inputs and suggestions as I move with my family. I understand the alternate list is not guaranteed, but I hope to get accepted. RVUCOM Utah PROS: I did have a campus tour. It looks decent. The...
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    Rocky Vista UT vs Western U Lebanon

    Hello SDN. I am in the lucky and blessed position to have acceptances at both of these schools. I have various reasons for liking each, and I feel that this is the choice between two good options. Just want to see what others might have to chip in about my decision. (+pro, -con) Rocky Vista...
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    Comp - NW vs RVU - Utah

    Accepted to both Comp-NW and RVU- Utah. Loved both campuses and felt like a good fit for both schools. Would probably choose RVU-utah if all were even due to family close by, cheaper, and being in my home state but would I be shooting myself in the foot when the match comes? Aiming for...