1. P

    University of Hawaii Manoa ‘Imi Ho‘ōla Post Baccalaureate Program 2019-2020

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone else is applying for the upcoming Fall of 2019 cycle! Post your thoughts and etc.! Look forward to getting to know you guys!
  2. P

    Hawaii JABSOM vs. VCU

    Hello, I am a Canadian who got accepted to both of these schools this week. I think I only have 5 business days to decide. Hawaii (JABSOM) Pros Hawaii is beautiful. I fell in love with Hawaii and the school while I was there. I would feel like the luckiest person ever to go to medical school...
  3. M

    Re-entry/JABSOM prospect deciding where to finish school?

    I am a re-entry student now living in Hawaii for the last year. I took a leave of absence from an out-of-state university (UC Berkeley - originally a CA native) and hope to return to finish my bachelor’s after having been a few years. I would like to attend JABSOM at the University of Hawaii and...
  4. bisonbison

    VCU vs Hawaii

    Hello! Currently deciding between these two schools and I'm having a bit of a hard time so I would love some input. I am currently a VA resident and have been accepted to VCU and JABSOM. I just want to note that my family is from all over so Hawaii being far isn't too much of a factor. JABSOM...
  5. S

    University of Hawaii versus Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University

    Hawaii Pros higher research funding; however, "Not a tremendously academic institution --> Varies between specialty, but in general less research opportunities than big academic institutions (although there's an NCI designated cancer center right next door now)" student to faculty ratio...
  6. lockian

    Residency in Hawaii -- financial issues

    Hey all, There was a thread about this a few years back, but my situation's a little different, so I thought I'd make a new post instead of bumping it. I am interviewing for a psychiatry residency in Hawaii in November, and I've read on these forums that if you're a low-maintenance person...