jan mcat

  1. L

    Shot at 520+?

    Hey everyone! I'm signed up for Jan 28th, and I wanted to get some feedback on how I was doing, and if 520+ is possible. NS Half-length: 508 (125,129,126128) AAMC Official Questions: 72% (82%, 60%, 75%, 71%) NS 3: 511 (128,125,129,129) AAMC 1: 517 (131,128,130,128) Bio 1 Q Pack: 85% That's...
  2. L

    Too many FLs? and What AAMC material should I buy?

    Hey everyone, I just finished EK 4, got a 72% (82%,60%,75%,71%). I'm scheduled to take the MCAT on Jan. 28th, but I'm not sure what AAMC material I should purchase. I currently have the sample test+both scored FLs, +the AAMC flashcards. Considering the time I have left, would it be better to...
  3. weanprednisone

    September MCAT question

    Another premed came up to me today and said that the September MCAT is the hardest out of the whole year due to curving. And Jan MCAT is the easiest. I didn't really believe them, but just curious. I'm taking a gap yr, so I don't really care if I take it in Sep or Jan. Anyone have stats? lol...