january mcat

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    Which FLs to drop out of my schedule?

    Hello guys, I'm planning to take the Jan 23rd MCAT, but unfortunately, I'm great at making schedules but terrible at following them. Somehow I shrunk my schedule along the way and now I'm realizing I'm short a few days and I need to drop some of the FLs I had previously planned to take...
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    Orange County MCAT January 2016 Study Group

    Hey guys, I'm looking for anyone interested in meeting up in the Orange County area to study together for the January 2016 MCAT. A few times a week or even one day a week if you're busy just to make sure we are keeping on track and to ask/answer any questions. I tried a skype group but people...
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    Looking for an MCAT study partner in the Bethesda or DMV area for the January 2016 MCAT

    Hey Guys! I was wondering if anyone in Bethesda or in the DMV area was looking to study for the January 2016 MCAT. I was looking for a study group and was wondering if anyone else was in the same situation. I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know by posting on this thread or sending me a PM. I...