1. Mt. Fuji

    I'm Japanese student. PLEASE HALP ME!!

    Hello everyone, I'm Japanese graduated HS in Japan and living Japan now. I'm 20 years old. I want to enter a community college and transfer a university. Afterwords, I want to enter medical school. I'm going to enter a community college in California so I want to know: Which community college...
  2. Asclepius293

    Research Fellowships in Japan?

    Hey all, Just curious if anyone knew of a research program in Japan that a medical student could get involved in with a research year. I've found Fogarty grants in Japan but they're for PhDs. Thanks!
  3. Lost in Translation

    EAST Asian premeds/doctors around?

    It seems that many of the users here are of white, black, Middle Eastern (so... white? :p), or South/South East Asian descent. But are there any users of Chinese/Taiwanese/Japanese/Korean descent? Actually, many of my pre-med "friends" weren't even from this demographic. Is our market share...