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job change

  1. M

    Changing positions during gap year - bad for application??

    So I am currently working in clinical research with a company I have been with for 7 months. Although I really enjoy the work and patient population, the position has raised some concerns for me and I don't feel like I am being challenged or my skill sets are being utilized. I am also...
  2. O

    Anyone looking for an Ortho opening?

    I'm new here and love the camaraderie, information and interactions I see.
  3. S

    Would switching jobs affect my vet school application?

    Hi, new member to the forum. A little background about me: I have been working as a vet tech for about 2 years in a small private clinic with long term goals of being a vet (I applied last year and didn't get in, so pre reqs are all done, just have to retake the gre in the future). Wanted to...
  4. J

    Anyone with NHSC Loan Repayment switched jobs?

    Has anyone with a 2-year full-time NHSC loan repayment commitment (not scholarship) switched jobs during the time period? I have read that - with approval - you can theoretically switch locations as long as the location to which you are moving has a high enough HPSA designation. Curious if this...
  5. P

    Feedback needed: Gap Year Job Switching + Possible Reapplication Improvements

  6. M

    Quitting Toxic Scribe Job