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  1. YPJ1

    Pediatrics Post residency job search

    As you know, now is the time for pediatric residents to find post-residency jobs. In the past, the search for a Pediatric position was limited to generic job search websites, with no ability to search for all the unique options available within the pediatric profession. Having provided services...
  2. T

    Jobs during a medical school gap year

    I am a North American IMG (Caribbean) student currently on track to finish my elective rotations before the end of May 2016. I plan on taking my CS around that time. My concern is since I did not participate in the 2016 match I will have a great deal of time off and will need to supplement my...
  3. WylieDental

    Seeking Dental Associate for Thriving Practice (1 hr from Pitt)

    Just finished with school and looking for that perfect job opportunity, look no further! Wylie Dental Care, located in the beautiful Ohio Valley, is searching for a new Associate Dentist to join Dr. Wylie and his team. Visit our website for more information on our practice. If interested in...
  4. rlin656

    Questions for current/past Walmart Pharmacist (2015)

    Hi, I am currently a P3 student and also currently interning at a Walmart pharmacy. I would like to work for Walmart in the future, but would really like to know certain things about what Walmart offers pharmacist compared to others. Amount of years currently worked at Walmart...