1. P

    KCU-Joplin vs RVU-Utah

    I have been accepted to both medical schools and have until mid-January to put down a deposit KCU-Joplin Pros Less expensive tuition ($47,000) Less expensive cost of living. Husband and I could potentially live in a house rather than an apartment. Established school with a great reputation...
  2. BellaWriterChic

    KCU-Joplin v. BCOM

    Hey Everyone! I have recently been accepted to KCU-Joplin and BCOM. Both are great programs and I am having a hard time deciding between each. KCU-Joplin Details Located in the Midwest, which is close to family. Curriculum is the same from KC campus, which has shown excellent board...
  3. 0

    RVUCOM-UT vs KCU-Joplin

    Please I need help in deciding between these two acceptances! Both seem to be pretty comparable in nature, but i'll outline some pros and cons. Any help in swaying me one way or another is greatly appreciated. Also, because I loved both schools so much, do you think it worth my time to interview...
  4. leturbinator

    KCU-COM Joplin vs. Kansas City

    Hi all! I hope everyone is doing well. Students that are applying to KCU-COM or are already there, which campus did you choose to apply to and why? I understand there are differences in the way that classes run (mandatory attendance, dress code, etc.), but aside from those, what else steered...
  5. DrRedstone

    KCU-Joplin Class of 2021

    Rather than be stuck in the KCU-KC thread, I figured it would be nice to have a thread of our own. Anyone else excited for July?