1. EquusObsessed

    Tennessee vs Kansas

    Hey all! I have (somehow) been accepted to two veterinary schools. I really liked both, I’m OOS at both, tuition is pretty comparable... I’m stuck. I liked the campus and atmosphere of Kansas better, plus as a lifelong east-coast girl I’d love to spend 4 years in a different part of the country...
  2. C

    Philadephia Vs Kansas Vs Marian University for the DO Program?

    Hello Everyone, I am currently a four year undergraduate student in Canada (Ontario). I am planning on applying to a DO program in the USA... The purpose of creating this thread is to gather some information on which USA Universities provide the best DO Programs, in terms of facilities...
  3. L

    WAMC? 3.87 cGPA 3.84 sGPA 516 MCAT

  4. E

    Third Year Residents Needed for Low Volume Er in Rural KS

    Third Year Residents needed for ER work in Rural KS setting. 10 K annual volume for ER Visits. Competitive Pay and excellent staff. Sign on, and Retention Bonus possible. Please contact for exact location and details. Qualifications: KS State License ACLS, PALS with commitment to get ATLS if...
  5. emlady09

    Kansas State c/o 2021

    Since I haven't seen a thread yet for this cycle I thought I'd start one. This is one of the schools I am interested in this year! Let's see how it goes!