kaplan biology

  1. I

    Dr. Collins 2016-2017

    I am selling my Dr. Collins PCAT study guide with the 2017 update. The book is in good condition with slight staining on the tabs of the book due to a spill. There are no pen markings and each section is included in spiral book format. My offer will include a Kaplan biology study along with 3...
  2. Premedninja

    Kaplan's Biology Review book, new edition questions... :)

    If by anyone bought the newest edition of the Kaplan books (2018-2019)... and would want to share what the answer to the following questions are in the Biology Review book.. I would be forever thankful :) 1) What is the last word in the Learning Goals box for Chapter 6.1? 2) What is the last...
  3. sera2018

    Defective enzyme retaining some function but not all

    I was doing an MCAT diagnostic test from kaplan. One of the topics was a mutation that caused an enzyme to lose only some of its function but retained most. I'm confused in general how an enzyme can only lose some part of its function but not all of it. Doesn't losing some function indicate...
  4. R

    PCAT Chem & Bio- Dr. Collins

    Hi all, I have previously used Dr. Collins for chemistry and biology. Does everyone feel that Dr. Collins is a sufficient study guide for all aspects of chemistry on the PCAT? I previously went through ALL practice tests which was a ton of problems and all packets of chemistry... however, I...