kaplan oat

  1. A

    OAT Material For Sale

    I am selling all of the materials I used to study for the OAT. All of these things together helped me to get a competitive score and get into one of the top optometry schools! The following is for sale: Huge Kaplan Review Notes book- (light highlighting in first few bio chapters & some erased...
  2. eyehaveastigmatism

    OAT Experience 2017 (Retake)

    Hi you guys! I retake the OAT on Monday, and I wanted to give you all an overview of my experience. The first time I took the OAT, I didn't study the way I should have. My scores were terrible! I didn't take a course and just used the Kaplan book and Princeton book. I really struggled with...
  3. J

    For Sale Kaplan OAT Course Books/Material

    OAT Kaplan Course Material from August 2015 for sale. Includes: Review Notes Lesson Book Flashcards for each test section Quick reference sheets Unused dry erase pen and boards Used this material and increased OAT score by 20 points and got accepted into SCO as part of Class of 2020! Make...