kaplan step 2

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    Should I take Kaplan Live In-Person Step 2 CK course?

    So I did not perform that well on Step 1 and am interested in a competitive specialty so reallllly want to perform super well on Step 2. I have about 3 months elective time to take off to study for Step 2 and will have the money to spend for a prep course here in NYC. Has anyone taken the...
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    Kaplan Step 1 and Step 2 full sets

    Hey guys, I have both Kaplan step 1 and step 2 sets that I am looking to sell. I know that Kaplan has recently released a new set for 2016 but I have the older one. I am not sure if there is a newer version of step 1 also; my books are in blue color if that helps. Both sets are in "almost new"...