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Just do uworld. Can’t imagine this would be more helpful than really spending time on uworld.

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So I did not perform that well on Step 1 and am interested in a competitive specialty so reallllly want to perform super well on Step 2. I have about 3 months elective time to take off to study for Step 2 and will have the money to spend for a prep course here in NYC.

Has anyone taken the Kaplan Live In-Person Step 2 CK course? in NYC?

Is this worth it or should I use something else like Online Med Ed- or my own combination of UWorld etc?
I would like the structure of the Kaplan course- having to actually go to the center for the lecture would give me structure during those 3 months- but I have heard some horrible reviews about Kaplan here on SDN.

Any thoughts or advice would be great!

I'd do it if you have 3 months to take time off to study for it, this can only help. he goes through high yield imo.
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