1. A

    Renal Clearance

    If a freely filtered drug has renal clearance of 126 ml/min and a volume of distribution of 12L in a 55kg woman, how do you work out if has been secreted and/or reabsorbed? I've figured out the half life by: k = Clearance/Vd = 7.56 l/hour ÷ 12 l = 0.63 hour-1 Half-life = ln (2) / k = 1.1002…...
  2. Akam ahz

    Water Excretion by the kidney

    Hello, I'm seeking a simple explanation for this passage in my physiology text book, the author of the passage discusses water reabsorption and excretion in the renal tubules. The passage: "Normally 180 L of fluid is filtered through the glomeruli each day, while the average daily urine...
  3. D

    Pathology - Glomerular disease in dogs

    Hi, So I am pretty sure this is the wrong place to post this, please let me know where it should actually be posted...! There is only one veterinary forum it seems.... Anyway, I am a DVM1 and was wondering if anyone could explain to me why fibrosis causes glomerular disease? As in the below...
  4. iaskdumbquestions

    When you suspect kidney stones

    When do you get a CT scan? I've heard and seen everything from: always, first time they've had stone, systemically ill, hydronephrosis on bedside ultrasound. I've also seen people with mild hydro and suspected stone go home. The practice pattern varies wildly and I'm trying to gain a better...
  5. B

    Hypertonic Urine?

    The primary function of the nephron is to produce urine which is hypertonic to the blood. This is to conserve water in the body. My question is, why is it conserving water? Wouldn't the nephron only concentrate urine if say, ADH or aldosterone was secreted, that way the body would increase...
  6. 6

    Should I leave my research lab?