1. Oldlassie

    8 minutes to MIchigan State University-1 BEDROOM / PRIVATE BATH/ KITCHEN /TWO STUDY AREAS

    I have a private bedroom/queen bed/ private bath / 2 quiet well-lit study areas with computer desk, quiet safe neighborhood with parking in driveway or street. 13 minutes to Mc Claren Hospital/16 to Sparrow hospital / 8 to MSU / $750 per month / rotating or long term. Start anytime from now...
  2. K

    Coursework & Fieldwork Kitchen/Meal Prep assessment

    hi everyone, i was hoping some of you would be able to assist me. i am having difficulty finding an assessment that would identify a patients functional ability within the kitchen or preparing a meal. At the moment i can only find ones related to cognition and process skills, but i would like a...