lab requirement

  1. O

    Computer science lab for pre-med research experience?

    Would working in a computer science lab (as opposed to a traditional biomedical/biology/chemistry lab) hurt my chances of getting into medical school? I know that research experience is an important component of the pre-med résumé, but, since I'm majoring in computer science, I was wondering...
  2. toro2013

    Is this course load doable?

    Biology II w/lab Chemistry II w/lab Calculus I Microbiology
  3. H

    How much ochem lab do I actually need for med school?

    I go to a school that's on the quarter system. This fall I went abroad and took three quarters worth of the organic chemistry lectures (a year of organic chemistry lecture) and one quarter of the corresponding lab. I am currently completing the second quarter of the corresponding lab. Had I not...