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  1. O-Block Uchiha

    Last Minute Amino Acid Help

    Hello all, my MCAT is this Thursday and I'm feeling good. One thing still befuddles me a lil. So when we're looking at an AAs charge in solution, are we looking at the pka or pI? Take Asparatate for example, it's pI is roughly 2.7 and it's pka is 4, so if a solution had a pH of 3, would it be...
  2. G

    One month out from the MCAT- Study plan and Practice Tests?

    I am officially one month out from my MCAT and I'm feeling the normal mix of relatively ok with what I've covered but also completely nervous because...well...MCAT. I'm on week 8 of a 10-week ExamKrackers study plan that I love and am doing well following. I've taken three PR practice exams...