One month out from the MCAT- Study plan and Practice Tests?

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May 6, 2017
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I am officially one month out from my MCAT and I'm feeling the normal mix of relatively ok with what I've covered but also completely nervous because...well...MCAT.

I'm on week 8 of a 10-week ExamKrackers study plan that I love and am doing well following. I've taken three PR practice exams (499, 503, 507) and more recently two AAMC Practice Exams (513 and 514) and I'm looking to see what people did specifically in the three weeks immediately before the exam. It's frustrating to miss questions in topics I've already covered on my study schedule, something that has happened repeatedly on the AAMC practice exams, so I'm sure I'm going to have to go back and study some topics. My question is: how did you go about filling in the knowledge gaps when there was only a few weeks until your exam? I don't know that re-reading my ExamKrackers books will help, but I will do that if it's a recommended strategy. I'll probably take one more AAMC exam two weeks before, does that seem like enough practice exams? Most importantly, what online resources helped you the most in the weeks leading up to your exam? Basically, any tips and pointers for this final stretch would be greatly appreciated.