1. Heist

    Lawsuit Filed against ABPN by 2 psychiatrists

    Lazarou et al v. American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology: COMPLAINT filed by Emily Elizabeth Lazarou, Aafaque Akhter; Jury Demand. Filing fee $ 400, receipt number 0752-15562449.(Curley, C.) It is easier to read the top section that is 35 pages long. They put alot of thought into this. It...
  2. Stagg737

    Lawsuit Brought Against NP Owned Clinic, DEA Now Investigating

    So NP encroachment and standards of care are pretty common on here, but here's finally an example of a lawsuit being brought against 2 NPs for malpractice and one example of what can happen when people practice outside of their scope. Here is a link to the Plaintiff's Original Court Petition...
  3. Stagg737

    Talcum Powder and Cancer

    So I was watching some trash TV during my lunch break today and saw a bunch of commercials for some of the various law groups in the area. Normally I'd just ignore them, but it caught my attention because they all were advertising for the same type of case and referenced 2 recent cases against...
  4. A

    Are you protected by the U.S. if you go to a Caribbean medical school?

    Several people keep asking if you can file a lawsuit against a Caribbean medical school. The answer is yes. For example, if you are suing Ross, you would file your lawsuit in New Jersey, that's where their offices are, the owners are American, and most of their business is conducted from...