lebanon valley college

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    Lebanon Valley College DPT

    Hi, is anyone here currently in the LVC DPT program? I can't find much information about it online, so I want to know if anyone can offer opinions and experiences from the program. Is it worth applying to for me? Thank you!
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    Lebanon Valley College DPT

    I have recently been accepted to LVC DPT program. On their website it states they start in the summer but not the exact start date. Just wondering they start in summer 1, summer 2, or if they follow a different academic calendar than the rest of the school. Any help would be great!!! Thanks!!
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    Lebanon Valley DPT

    I applied to Lebanon valley a while ago and got a letter confirming they received everything they needed for admissions. I've called a couple times after that and they said that by March 1st I'd hear a decision by mail. Just wondering if anyone received any acceptance or rejection yet.