1. M

    LIU 2021

    Anyone here going to LIU DPT class of 2021? Got accepted and made a deposit and really considering it! And anyone deciding between LIU and Touro with any insight?
  2. C

    For NY Physical Therapy Students

    Hello, The following is a survey regarding a student group called the NY PT Student Special Interest Group (SSIG). It will inform you about what a SSIG is (including the benefits of one) and gauge your interest in joining one. All students attending DPT programs in NY are invited to complete...
  3. OT2016Hopeful

    Program-Specific Info / Q's LIU 2016 OT Interview

    Hi All, I've posted in a few other threads - applied to several OT programs in NY and NJ. I've only heard from one school - LIU and I have an interview in 3 weeks. Was hoping to hear from anyone else who may have applied there and/or interviewed there? I honestly don't know much about their...