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  1. books7

    For Sale ORASCOPTIC HiRes 2 (2.5x) Loupes (Excellent Condition)

    For sale: Orascoptic HiRes 2 Loupes 2.5x magnification Rudy Project Rydon sport frame Carbon Color Lightweight Through-the-Lens (TTL) design 1.6 oz (44.5 g) Excellent optics (anti-strach and anti-refective coating) High Index polycarbonate lenses Field Width: 4.3" (10.9 cm) Field Depth: 6"...
  2. S

    Keeler Surgical Loupes SuperVu 3.0x

    For sale, Keeler Surgical Loupes SuperVu 3.0x magnification (3.0x - 46 cm/18") Black, long temple sport frame Adjustable, flip-up design Excellent optics Great condition, Lightly used. Clean. Comes with original box, Keeler soft carrying case, instruction manual, Keeler cleaning cloth (never...
  3. DarthWaxer

    Wanted: *ANY* USED Surgitel 3.5x+ Prismatic TTL loupes!

    Hello, I am on the lookout for used 3.5x+ power TTL-style prismatic loupes, particularly Surgitel brand. I will consider other brands if the working distance is 20+ inches. I am not picky about angle of declination or interpupillary distance, as I will be re-mounting them to my own specs...