1. O

    Columbia Fall 2018!

    A thread for all who have committed to Columbia PH grad programs for the Fall 2018 semester!
  2. S

    MPH Columbia vs BU vs Emory MPH

    Hello! I am at a difficult choice in choosing MPH programs in Fall 2017. About me: I want to get into the business side of healthcare, but have research and quantitative skills. I want to get into healthcare consulting after graduating with my MPH. I am currently deciding between BU's MPH in...
  3. D

    MPH Columbia MPH or JHSPH MSPH?

  4. redvelvet94

    MPH MPH Applications/Programs: Q/A with 1st-2nd year MPH students

    Hi everyone! I'm a first-year MPH Epidemiology (Infectious Disease Epidemiology certificate) student at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. I utilized this forum extensively last year for both emotional support and program questions, and it was an incredibly helpful resource...