1. DowntownDavid

    Park Slope room for rent ASAP

    Please read carefully. Preference is for long term roommate however can be somewhat flexible. Room for rent available in a 2 bedroom apartment at $1350 per month for long term. If short term (less than 1 year) price it will be $1600. If ultra-short term 3 months or less it will be $1900...
  2. D

    Avoid Maimonides Surgery program unless you want to be abused. It is a Malignant program.

    I think of myself as a unbiased Ortho resident, not part of surgical program at Maimonides. I'm just speaking up here as there are too many inappropriate things happening in surgical program. I feel really bad for the people in this program. I believe the residents have brought it up to ACGME...
  3. F

    Rooms for Med student/Doctor June 2017 in Brooklyn near Lutheran,Maimonides

    We have an apartment available in Bay Ridge Brooklyn - near Lutheran, Maimonides hospitals on June 2017. No Broker fee. Newly painted, super clean. All utilities to include electricity/internet/gas furniture, linens, blankets, gas pots/pans/dishes are all included. Apartment is in private house...
  4. M

    Maimonides Surgery is very abusive and malignant. Avoid it at all costs!

    I read a post at SDN about how Maimonides medical center surgical residency program is abusive to its residents, and how it is so malignant. I wanted to re confirm what that person wrote and add to it. The original posting can be found here: Maimonides Surgery, Malignant Program? To start...
  5. N

    Renting 1BR apartment in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn near NYU Lutheran, Maimonides and NY Methodist Hospitals

    *Near NYU Lutheran, Maimonides and NY Methodist hospitals* *No Broker Fees* Partially furnished apartment with full views of the Verrazano Bridge - Includes dining table and 4 chairs - Coffee table, end table - TV wall unit and shelving - Office desk and chair - floor lamps - 2 air...
  6. F

    Renting Room for med student/Doctor Jan 2019 in Brooklyn near NY Langone,Maimonides-Bay Ridge

    We have an apartment available in Bay Ridge Brooklyn - near NY Langone Maimonides hospitals on June 2019. No Broker fee. Newly painted, super clean. All utilities to include pots/pans/dishes plus electricity/internet are included. Apartment is in private house, very clean and spotless. Bay...
  7. N

    EM sub-I at Maimonides or NYP??

    I was offered overlapping aways at NYP and Maimo… requested moving the dates and it's not an option. So which one do I pick? Honestly, it's all about the SLOE in my opinion. I've heard that Maimo has great teaching/attending exposure which I assume would translate into a better written SLOE...
  8. L

    Interview experience at Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY for Internal Medicine?

    Hi folks, Like the thread title suggests, anyone has any experience interviewing at Maimonides in Brooklyn, NY? What kind of questions do they ask? I hear that they interview lot of people so any advice to make me stand out will be much appreciated. Thanks! PS: Not sure if this is the right...
  9. N

    Maimonides Internal Medicine Preliminary Year 2015