1. hubbsbubbs

    Can I send this as an update?

    I just got word that my manuscript has been accepted by a journal! The editor sent me a list of revisions including the following message: " I have decided that your manuscript can be accepted for publication after you have carried out major revisions as suggested by the reviewer(s)." If a...
  2. SciClin

    Abstract vs Manuscript Submission

    Hello, all. I was wondering what the difference between submitting an abstract and submitting a manuscript is. Yes, I know what the two are; however, I am still a bit unsure of the entire process. Being around "basic science" people nearly all of the time, I've only been recently exposed to...
  3. chaeliem

    submitting an easy and free journal of pediatric

    hello, my name is Annisa. you can call me Icha. I want to plan to publish a manuscript in journal of pediatric, which one is the best, easy and free? he he thank you.