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  1. SukItPhaneuf

    2017 - Best book for Step 2 CK Prep

    So I don't see an up to date poll for this - and times change. So the best backbone of step 2 CK studying is: UWorld + Which book? (there may be other types of resources, but I'm interested in the best Text). Let's say for a 4 week study period (haven't started a prep book yet).
  2. E

    BOTH Master the Boards vs. First Aid Step 2 CK for studying for USMLE Step 2? (and COMLEX)

    Which book do you prefer and why? Thanks!
  3. quepid

    Step 3 Prep videos - MedQuest vs DIT 3

    Has anyone used the Conrad Fischer MedQuest videos for step 3? Are they worth it? I thought his Step 2 High Yield video that went along with Master The Board was pretty good. Does the MedQuest go along with the MTB3? Also, how about DIT step 3? About to start Step 3 prep and was trying to...