masters before dpt

  1. P

    Low GPA and Wrong major

    Hi, So I recently graduated undergrad with a 2.7 GPA, I had lots of issues in life happening which resulted in that. I want to go Dental but I’m not sure where to start. Should I go to CC, Masters Program, or Post-bacc program to get both pre-reqs and a higher GPA? If you have ANY advice at...
  2. andrewfalkenpk

    Master's before DPT?

    Hi Everyone, After graduating from my undergraduate college, I have been grinding non-stop to improve my GPA and wanted to know what else there is I can do to stand out. I have been doing my own dual post-bac program at the local community college and local CSU in my hometown to improve my GPA...
  3. E

    Low Science GPA, Considering Options Outside of DPT, Thoughts?

    I realize the whole "I have a low science gpa, am I going to get in?!" topic has been brought up a million times on SDN, but I think that my goals and aspirations might make my situation a little bit different. So basically my situation is that I just graduated from West Chester University with...
  4. F

    Masters before DPT

    Hi Everyone! I've just recently been accepted into Teacher's College, Columbia University Motor Learning masters program. My ultimate goal is to obtain my DPT and end up becoming both sports performance/orthopedic rehab specialist. I finished my undergrad last summer and decided to take the...