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    Assessing if I should apply

    Hi everyone :) hoping to get some advice!! Here’s my profile: Currently a management consultant at an MBB (top 3 firm) My overall college GPA was low— 3.4 with stark upward trend (senior year was 3.9) MCAT score 518 Had 2 funded research internships in a top hospital prior to MBB Have...
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    No local for MBB?

    I'm the patient, 10 month post C6-C7 ACDF. Diagnosed with post surgical cervical radiculopathy, confirmed C7 impingement via EMG. 8 Weeks failed PT, no opiates, persistent scapular and radiating arm pain. No SNRB, no facet injections, straight to MBB at C5, C6, C7. No sedation, no local...