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    MCAT Test Prep Week Raffle: Win an online MCAT Course with 3 months access (worth $150)

    3 months access to the online MCAT Crash Course by Gold Standard MCAT will be given away to 3 winners for free! Simply participate in this thread during the SDN Test Prep Week on September 19-23, 2016 by telling us the following: (1) Which section of the MCAT exam do you feel most prepared for...
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    2015 TPR Science Workbook, CARS Workbook, In Class Compendium---Brand New

    I am selling the Science Workbook, CARS Workbook, and In-Class Compendium individually. They are very difficult to find and provide great practice. These copies have never been used and are in brand new condition. PM for offers!
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    CARS Testing Solutions' 30 Day Guide to MCAT CARS Success

    Testing Solutions' 30 Day Guide to MCAT CARS Success: Howdy! My name is Nick Zehner, and I’m an MS3 at Stanford. I started Testing Solutions 5 years ago to help students struggling with the hardest section on the MCAT, the CARS. With so much conflicting advice out there, it can be hard to know...